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Telematics for Research is a sector within the Telematics Applications Programme of the European Commission. It supports the development and demonstration of innovative applications to enhance European collaborative research through deployment of telematics.

What's New?

Fifth Call for the IST Programme
The Fifth call for proposals in the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme was published on 14th October 2000, the deadline for the calls is the 15th of February 2001. This call for proposal addresses specific action lines of the IST Workprogramme 2000.
The Call text, Guide for proposers and other supporting documents are available on the web
IST Workprogramme 2000 Final Version
The Information Society Technologies Workprogramme 2000 Final Version is now available on the CORDIS web site for downloading in PDF and Word formats.
Local copy of the IST WP2000 Final Version
Deliverables available
The most recent public deliverables from projects in the Telematics for Research sector are now available on-line.
Telematics for Research News
A summary of recent activities and forthcoming events can be found in Telematics for Research News section.

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The Telematics Application Programme (TAP) and associated activities

The Fifth Framework Programme

The EU Fifth Framework Programme succeeds the Fourth Framework Programme from 1999 onwards.
The Telematics Applications Programme is supported by the European Commission, but any opinions expressed on this server do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. Please see or
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