Multimedia Network in CO-operative Research And Learning

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RESEARCH 1 January 1996 24

Project Objectives, Summary description and anticipated results:

General objective is to explore, develop, implement and evaluate a Computer Supported Co-operative Work system (CSCW) among a geographically distributed European research group.

The consortium is interdisciplinary and consists of

- The user group, AFRICAR(Altimetry for Research in Climate And Resources), a group of geoscientist investigating the use and exploitation of radar Altimetry data. They aim to enhance collaboration through use of CSCW tools, and enhance access to scientific methods, results and raw data.

- The Human Communications, Cooperation and Cognition (HCCC) group, from the humanistic and social sciences, comprises experts in human computer interaction. They will develop a conceptual and methodological framework for studying, analysing and specifying requirements for a CSCW system for scientific cooperation. They will also evaluate the constitutive influence of collaborative technologies on a research community, focusing on communication, cooperation, cognition, learning and scientific knowledge

- Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), the technology providers, will provide a system for distributed cooperative visualisation (DCV) based on the requirements specified by HCCC, and building on the visualisation systems already used by AFRICAR and the existing CSCW toolset supported and enhanced by the Telematics MERCI project.

Anticipated results:

- A system for distributed cooperative visualisation of complex information sets

- Improved and uniform access to distributed domain data

- Improved understanding of group collaboration and cooperation in a distributed context

Major Validation sites:

+ Postal Code
Region Country
National Survey and Cadastra 2400 Copenhagen NV DK001 DK
Politecnico di Milano 20133Milano IT205 IT
Technical Univ, Graz A-8010 Graz AT221 AT
Delft Tech.University NL 2629 JA Delft NL333 NL
Copenhagen University 2200 Copenhagen N DK001 DK
AristotelianUniv. 54006Thessaloniki GR14 GR

Other Characteristics of the Project:

Users Involved
Real users doing real science in true collaboration. AFRICAR has expertise in orbit determination, geodesy, geophysics, oceanography and remote sensing. They wish to be able to collaborate using video and shared work spaces allowing dynamic visualisations of data, and experiments using simulation.
Technologies and/or approach used
Existing CSCW toolsets as initial basis, with video connection and multiple shared white board. A Distributed Collaborative Visualisation toolset (DCV) to run on this will be provided based on visualisations already in use by AFRICAR scientists.
Expected benefits for the citizen
Research communities may benefit significantly from the system developed in terms of their working practices and ability to collaborate. The methodology and technology will be widely applicable to other domains.
Expected benefits for the users of the application
- enhancing new scientific insight and the development of new scientific conceptualisations
- learning/developing new collaborative cultures in distributed research communities
- enhancing interaction and collaboration by using shared perceptual representation tools.
Expected benefits for the European Industries
Bringing together the user domain (AFRICAR) with the human communication/collaboration experts and the developers of collaborative visualisations tools is a rather unique combination within R&D. The project will result in new knowledge about small user groups, useful for SMEs.
Contribution to EU-policies
Findings of the constitutive influence of technology on the praxis of a community may have consequences for the development and implementation of policies: quality of work, effective use of systems. Studying the players in the game may result in far reaching conclusions for other non-scientific sectors, e.g. public enterprises


Institution/ Organisation City
+ Postal Code
Region Country
Copenhagen Business School Copenhagen1366 F DK001 DK
Parent company Controlling Company (Country)
n/a n/a

Contact person from the Coordinating Contractor:

Title, First Name, Name Senior researcher, Ph.D. Janni Nielsen Address: Institute of Informatics and Management Accounting
Howitzvej 60
DK 2000 Copenhagen F
Tel: +45 3815 2400 Fax: +45 3815 2401
E-mail 1: E-mail 2:

Other Contractors:

Participants Code Name of Institution/Organisation City
+ Postal Code
Region Country
C 2 Technical University Graz Graz A8010 AT221 AT
C 3 National Survey and Cadastra 2400 Copenhagen NV DK001 DK
C4 Roskilde University4000 Roskilde DK004 DK
C5 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Didcot
OX11 0QX
UK523 GB
C 6 Politecnico di Milano Milan 20133 IT2005 IT
C7 Aristotle University Thessaloniki
C8 Copenhagen University Copenhagen
2200 N
DK001 DK
C9 Delft University ofTechnology 2629
NL333 NL
C10 Aalborg University 9000 Aalborg DK00F DK

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