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Project No. Acronym - Title
RE4008 SELECT - Rating and filtering of scientific, technical and other network documents
Lead Sector Other Sectors Start End Project Duration
RESEARCH ? ? 24 months

Project Objectives, Summary Description and Anticipated Results:

Internet started as a network for science and technology, and still a large part of the documents available on the Internet are scientific and technical documents provided by universities and other research and educational organisations. However, the spread of availability of the Internet to commercial organisations and to undergraduate students has meant a decline in the reliability of the documents available on the net. Nowadays, when you use the web to look up a document, or read a message in e-mail or Usenet News, you cannot trust the correctness of the document. This has reduced the usefulness of the network for use by scientific and technical professionals.

In normal scientific and technical communication, a number of instruments are available to safeguard the quality of the information. Examples of this are peer-reviewed journals and conferences and the academic traditions of thesis development and presentation. Other EU-funded projects have tried to remedy this problem by copying the traditional methods onto networked applications, for example by peer-reviewed electronic journals. The disadvantage with this method is that it is expensive, time-consuming, and in practice will only provide quality for a small number of networked documents.

SELECT aims at helping to solve this problem in another way. Rating and intelligent filtering tools will be developed, to help users find the information of value. Filtering for one scientific and technical user will be based on ratings provided by other users with similar competence and on other filtering criteria. Rating and filtering will be provided on documents in mailing lists, in Usenet News, in other messaging services like TAP Web4Groups and on Web documents. EuroSeek, one of the most successful European providers of Internet search services, will provide our rating and filtering services to their users.

Major Validation Sites:

Organisation City/Town + Postal Code Region Country
The International Software Consulting Network (ISCN) Bray (Dublin) IE006 IE006 IE
MediBRIDGE NV (information exchange service for medical practitioners) Brussels B-1070 BE01 BE
Medidoc Gebruikers Club vzw. (MGC). Association of physicians, many use the MediBRIDGE information services. Represented by MediBRIDGE who will funnel out evaluation work to them and collect the results. Brussels B-2400 BE01 BE
Euroseek Sundbyberg 172 07 SE01 SE

Other Characteristics of the Project:

Users involved
Users involved are one major European providers of Internet search services, who will use the results to improve their services, and their customer groups, and two specialised Internet user groups of scientific and technical people.
Technologies and/or approach used
Databases of ratings of documents on the net, filters using these databases based on a knowledge database of the interests, values and competence of users and rating providers, methods to improve this database with or without explicit user interaction
Expected benefits for the citizens
People within the EU are probably already spending more than a thousand millions hours a year reading Internet documents. Even if this is only made 10 % more efficient, thousands of millions of ECUs per year will be saved.
Expected benefits for the users of the application
Reading more valuable and interesting documents, avoiding trash and repetition of what you already know.
Expected benefits for the European Industries
European search services, using ratings data bases based on ratings supplied by European people with European values, will better be able to compete with American search services. Users in European industries can also be more efficient in using information.
Contribution to EU-policies
Better rating and filtering tools will make communication between scientific and technical people on the Internet more rewarding, and thus more used. This will increase the co-working between scientific and technical people in different countries.


Name of Organisation City/Town + Postal Code Region Country
Omega Generation SRL Bologna 40137 IT4 IT

Contact Person from the Coordinating Contractor:

Title, Forename, Surname Mirko Labbri
Address Via Murri 39
Telephone +39 51 306644
Fax +39 51 390310
E-mail 1 labbri@omega.it
E-mail 2 Cavalli@omega.it

Other Contractors:

Code Name of Organisation City/Town + Postal Code Region Country
C2 Hungarian Academy of Science Computer and Automation Institute Budapest 1111 HU01 HU
C3 Technische Universität Wien Institut für Gestaltungs und Wirkungsforschung Wien 1040 AT01 AT
C4 Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan and Stockholm University Department of Computer and System Sciences Stockholm 100 44 SE01 SE
C5 Edinburgh University Department of Computer Science Edinburgh EH9 3JZ UK01 GB
A1.1 Riverland Next Generation SA Zaventem 1930 BE24 BE
A1.2 Office Line Engineering NV Zoonegem 9520 BE01 BE
A1.3 MediBRIDGE NV Brussels 1070 BE01 BE
A4.1 Euroseek AB Sundbyberg 172 07 SE01 SE
A4.2 Institut für Informatik (IFI) Universität Zürich Zürich 8057 CH01 CH
A5.1 Lancaster University Computing Department Lancaster LAI 4YR UK83 GB
A5.2 International Software Consulting Network Ltd. Wicklow IE006 IR

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