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SCIMITAR is a project funded under the Telematics Applications Programme of the European Commission to provide supporting actions for those projects in the Telematics for Research sector of the programme. The project consortium consists of TERENA (Coordinating Contractor) and ULB/STC.

SCIMITAR provides concertation between sector participants and relevant networking organisations. It also provides an information point for disseminating results from the individual projects. Ongoing activities are:

  • Telematics for Research and SCIMITAR Web pages are hosted on a server maintained by TERENA. The usage statistics are available.

  • A summary of recent activities and forthcoming events can be found in Telematics for Research News.

  • The Telematics for Research Technology Watch (hosted by ULB/STC) aims to make information available to the Sector Projects to help them adapt to technology evolution. This activity includes the Scimitar Electronic Journal which reports on the Telematics Sector and areas of development related to it.

  • The work of the Telematics for Research projects is monitored in order to facilitate coordination between projects. Each project is assigned a SCIMITAR Coordinator for this purpose. Check the list of SCIMITAR Project Liaisons to find out who to contact for each project.

  • SCIMITAR administers, on behalf of the European Commission, a fund that provides partial funding of travel expenses to international standardisation meetings. See the Procedures for the Financing of Standards Contribution. More information is available from the Standardisation Area.

  • A number of Telematics for Research Mailing Lists are maintained for informational purposes.

  • SCIMITAR offers coordinated access to Telematics for Research Deliverables.

  • The Telematics for Research Sector Concertation Meetings are supported by SCIMITAR through input for the agenda and by keeping minutes and action lists associated with the meetings.

  • SCIMITAR also liaises the work in Telematics for Research with TERENA Task Forces and the TERENA Technical Committee.

SCIMITAR is a Research & Development Project co-ordinated by TERENA and supported by the European Commission (Telematics Applications Programme, Research Sector, 1998-2000 Contracts, Project RE4101). Any opinions expressed on this server do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. Please see or
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